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Bahamian Artist Maxwell Taylor created a suite of vibrant silk screen prints during a recent residency at the University of Tampa. In this issue we have published a conversation with him as well as some of the images he made here, and we have illuminated the issue with other contemporary art from the Bahamas.  We find a kindred spirit in the work, perhaps partly because of some shared experiences of climate, bright sunshine, sparkling water, and sandy beaches that produce imagery tropical in feeling. But we are also drawn to the deeper significance and relevance represented in Taylor’s iconic woodcut, “The Struggle.” Recognizing that the suffering is unequally distributed, we still struggle with personal and social inequalities and injustice. We struggle to recognize the causes and to find solutions.

This double issue of Tampa Review includes:

Tampa Review 55/56Fiction by: Gilbert Allen, Renée Branum, Alicia Fuhrman, Julie Garcés, Ron MacLean, Patrick J. Murphy, J. D. Scott, Rosanna Staffa, Garrett Theige

Poetry by: Mark Belair, Roy Bentley, Claudia Buckholts, Polly Buckingham, Bill Christophersen, Holly Day, Gregory Djanikian, Shawna Ervin, Meredith Davies Hadaway, Ceridwen Hall, Jared Harél, Rage Hezekiah, Erin Hoover, Brad Johnson, Kimberly Kruge, Moira Linehan, V. P. Loggins, Erika Luckert, Peter Meinke, Lisa Mullenneaux, Doug Ramspeck, Thomas Reiter, Robert Rothman, Eric Roy, C. T. Salazar, Nicholas Samaras, Carrie Shipers, Paige Sullivan, Lauren Tess, Jesse Wallis, Abigail Warren, Ellen Doré Watson, Charles Harper Webb, Kevin West, Thomas A. West Jr., Jeff Worley


Nonfiction by: Chris Carbaugh, Carlos Cunha, Daniel Gabriel, Tom Moran, Katherine Schaefer, Adam Sullivan, Maxwell Taylor, Jennifer Watkins


Art by: John Beadle, Gian Lorenze Bernini, Lillian Blades, John Cox, R. Brent Malone, Antonius Roberts, Maxwell Taylor, Arjuna “AJ” Watson

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