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Stanley A. Rice


Stanley A. Rice

Meet Stanley A. Rice

Professor, Biology; Coordinator, Marine Sciences Facility

Education: 1973 California State University, B.S.
1975 California State University, M.A.
1978 University of South Florida, Ph.D.

Professional and Community Activities: Dr. Rice is conducting ongoing work on polychaetes, marine tube worms that thrive in stressed or polluted environments. He is studying the molecular structure of the genes of the organism to find out why species differ from location to location. As a consultant, he has conducted many marine environment experiments.

Honors and Awards: Dr. Rice completed his bachelor’s degree cum laude, and finished his master’s degree in the top 1% of his class. He was a member of the Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society at Cal State-Long Beach in 1975, and was treasurer of the Beta Tau Chapter of Phi Sigma biology honor Society at USF, 1976-78. He also was a member of the USF Council of Honor Societies, representing Phi Sigma and Sigma Xi, 1976-78.

Among his other honors: 1970 USAFAS, Primary Military Occupational Specialty Proficiency Test, Commendation Award; 1975 Scientific Achievement Award, Southern California Academy of Sciences, outstanding student paper presented at the annual meetings; 1989 University of Tampa Advisor of the Year; 1989 Beta Beta Beta Biological Honor Society Regional Advisor of the Year.