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The Professional Development Practicum is designed to enhance students’ leadership objectives and career development goals by offering a wide selection of experiential activities from which students may choose to suit their needs.

Practicum Objectives

At the conclusion of the practicum, students will be able to thoughtfully reflect upon and effectively communicate how their practicum experience:

  • enhanced their career development objectives,
  • enhanced their leadership skills,
  • enhanced their interpersonal skills,
  • increased their involvement in the academic community, and
  • increased their involvement in the business and professional community.

Practicum Activities

  • Attending the Professional Development Practicum Livetext training workshop and submitting a semester plan to the student’s advisor
  • Professional meetings and seminars
  • Leadership/board/membership service in professional or UT student organizations
  • MBA Leadership Coaching program
  • Student Success Coaching program
  • Internships
  • Sustainability Award Project (fall semester)
  • Career development activities and other activities
  • Collaborative projects/research with faculty members
  • Certifications in field of study (e.g., CPA, level 1 CFA)
  • Field trips or regional/national conferences
  • Professional competitions
  • Rosetta Stone certification
  • Emerging Leaders (Level I) Leadership Development Certificate (formally the Sustainability Leadership Series)
Contact Information
PDP Coordinator  Mary Anne Watson
PDP Consultant Susan Steiner
Faculty Advisor  Susan Steiner
Coaching Advisor  Mary Anne Watson
Internship Director  Dean Koutroumanis
Internship Coordinator  Kelly R. Allgeier
International Internships  Marca Bear
Career Services Director  Mark Colvenbach
Careers Services Advisor Katie Meyer Griffith
Sustainability Advisor  Dan Verreault
Rosetta Stone International Programs Office