Student Disability Services

The University of Tampa fully supports the efforts and welfare of all its students. The University faculty and staff are mindful of the diversity of the student body and act in ways to promote the academic success of each individual.

One such avenue of support lies in the provision of reasonable accommodations to eligible students who may have disabilities as defined in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). UT is fully committed to act in compliance with all ADA mandated requirements.

The Academic Center for Excellence, under which Student Disability Services fall, is committed to the principles and practices of universal design, and provides students with disabilities their needed accommodations that equalize students’ access to the educational experience.

One of our goals is to encourage student growth towards self-advocacy and independence, and we will serve as a source of support and information for the student. Ultimately, the office believes in a student’s right to academic self-determination. 

In addition, Student Disability Services actively promotes awareness of current disability issues and policies to the campus community.

Contact Information

Jennifer Del Valle
Associate Director
Academic Center for Excellence
Office of Student Disability Services
North Walker Hall, Room 108
(813) 257-3266