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CNN to Broadcast from UT for Super Bowl Week

Published: January 23, 2009
 The University of Tampa will take the world spotlight in the days leading up the NFL’s Super Bowl XLIII as CNN broadcasts live from the UT campus.

CNN Sports will be headquartered in UT’s Plant Park during Super Bowl week, Jan. 26-31. The network will broadcast live updates every hour regarding the upcoming game for CNN’s national and international headline news shows.

CNN producer David Wilke said he chose to conduct the broadcast at UT due to Plant Hall’s iconic representation of the city.

The CNN crew will set up near Plant Park’s “Sticks of Fire” sculpture to have broadcasts take place with UT’s Plant Hall in the background.

The Super Bowl will be played on Sunday, Feb. 1 at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, which is only a few miles from the UT campus. This year’s matchup is between the Arizona Cardinals and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Plant Hall has previously served as a backdrop and filming location for several other nationally televised events, including a live broadcast of NBC’s “Today Show” in September .

The visit from CNN is just one of many Super Bowl-related activities taking place at UT in the week leading up to Sunday’s game.

On Jan. 26, the College Football Challenge, an event televised on ESPN, will take place in the evening at UT’s Pepin Stadium. The event features college football players competing in various athletic skills contests.

Cato June, linebacker for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, will also host the SuperSlam Celebrity basketball game on Jan. 30 also at UT’s Pepin Stadium. The event will benefit the June Family Foundation, which seeks to help disadvantaged and at-risk youth.

Additionally, UT will serve as the costuming site for the Super Bowl halftime show on Sunday.