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UT’s Campus Life Has Gone Viral

Published: October 27, 2009
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The University of Tampa’s campus life has gone viral, captured digitally in short video clips and shared with the world on YouTube.

As part of Creative Loafing newspaper’s College Guides 2009 contest, seven college students have submitted videos, photos or essays about what their schools mean to them. Two students from UT are in the running.

“I’ve had so much fun here at UT over the years that I wanted to highlight that for others,” said Amanda Abadi ’10, a graduate student working on an MBA with a concentration in marketing. She describes UT as “community-focused, auspicious, cultural and enriching.”

Abadi created a 7-minute video called “Where in the world is Spartacus?” She recruited her friend, Hector Flores ’10, a performing arts major, to act as Dingo Dundee who searches for UT’s mascot throughout campus. In the process, the viewer is introduced to almost every office, from Residence Life to Admissions.

“Everyone was very cooperative,” said Abadi, head resident for McKay Hall and the Boathouse. “Cheryl Chernoff in the Office of Student Life and Engagement is a natural actress.”

Alex Vera ’11, a graphic design major and journalism minor, submitted a video about a day in the life of a Minaret staff member called “Yes, I’m Losing My Mind.”

Vera, the online editor and webmaster for the student newspaper, captures what life is like putting out the weekly paper. As the clock ticks toward deadline on Tuesday night, and the sun rises in the early morning, the video is a glimpse into UT student life.

“I hope people get an insight of college life being more than just academia or partying. I want viewers to be aware of dedication and work that some students put into extracurricular activities,” Vera said. “I also thought it was interesting how out of dedication, staff members treat the paper as an independent business- booking ads, writing stories and meeting deadlines, publishing in print and web.”

The submissions are posted on Creative Loafing’s Web site where people can vote for their favorite. The videos are also posted on UT's YouTube Web page. The student receiving the most votes wins the title CL College Guide 2009, plus movie and concert passes, CDs and DVDs and a $500 shopping spree. Winners will be announced Nov. 4.

“We’re hoping to be the most entertaining and showcase the most of UT as possible,” Abadi said.

Jamie Pilarczyk, Web Writer
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