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UT Adjusts to Expanded Community

Published: August 22, 2006
The University of Tampa’s growth continues with approximately 5,300 students arriving this fall. To accommodate the record expansion, a number of construction projects and renovations have been completed or are underway, including:

Kennedy Place – This state-of-the-art new 11-story residence hall is ready for occupancy by 182 students. An open house will be scheduled later this fall, after the “Garden Room” community building has been completed.

A median safety island is being installed by the Florida Department of Transportation for the safety of those who will cross Kennedy Blvd. (State Road 60). A timed, “countdown” pedestrian light will replace the current light at the Hyde Park Ave. entrance, and the Hartline bus stop will be relocated farther west on Kennedy Blvd.

Cass Annex and Courtyard – The Cass Annex will provide needed space for 21 faculty and staff members. The University has recently added approximately 50 new faculty and staff positions.

Residence Hall VI – This residence hall is scheduled for completion in fall 2007 and will house approximately 450 students and an additional on-campus dining hall.

West Parking Garage – A 750-space expansion of the West Parking Garage has been completed, bringing total parking capacity for the two campus parking garages to 2,500 cars.

Other projects underway or near completion include an expansion to the Macdonald-Kelce Library, Plant Hall academic area renovations, a new Chapel and Intercultural Center, and Riverside Center renovations.

For more information, contact the Office of Public Information at or (813) 253-6232.