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Red Carpet Beckons UT Senior

Published: November 12, 2010
 Daniel Mogg isn’t new to the red carpet.

A communication major who attended last spring’s Cannes Film Festival on a UT travel course, Mogg ’11 got access to several movie premieres and did a brief internship with Summit Entertainment. That experience led to an invitation for him to help Summit at the American Film Market in Santa Monica, CA, this month.

“I’m seeing trailers and clips of movies not to be released for a few months, and I’m reading scripts of movies that haven’t been made yet,” said Mogg. “It’s really cool.”

As an intern from mid-October to mid-November with Summit, a film studio that released The Hurt Locker and The Twilight Saga , Mogg has been getting an insider’s look at the business end of film production. His duties vary but include everything from creating schedules for the film market to screening people who come to Summit’s office. One day he might be bringing someone a script, another he’s watching a film being sold to an international distributor.

“I enjoy being a fly on the wall, watching people interact,” said Mogg, of Windermere, FL. “So much of getting a film made is in the business of people. It’s cool to see the interaction.”

He said he’s learning what not to do when pitching a film to a producer and identifying how to be smart in the business. Mogg credits UT assistant professor Tom Garrett , who leads the Cannes trip, with the chain of events leading to Mogg’s internship with Summit. He said the experiential learning with Summit has amped up his collegiate experience.

“School is great, and it helps prepare you, but being right here in the thick of the action, I’ve learned so much,” Mogg said.

In order for students to get a real idea of the variety of jobs in the entertainment industry, Garrett said they must immerse themselves. He points to the influence a college professor had on his career, changing his life by opening his eyes to all the opportunities before him. Believing in this kind of impact, Garrett pays it forward.

“Experiential learning opportunities like what Daniel is doing have an immeasurable impact, not only in direct practical learning, but also in industry networking,” he said. “I tell my students to find something they think they’ll love. Then go where you must in order to do it. And when you’re there, help someone else out. It all will begin to get clearer.”

Jamie Pilarczyk, Web Writer
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