Why do you love UT?

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Michelle Guarinieelo '12, Naples, Italy

I love UT because of Fraternity and Sorority Life.

Alicia '13, Westerville, OH

It’s the perfect size campus. I love how everything is close enough to walk and enjoy the beautiful weather. We have a gorgeous campus that I love to show off to friends and family when they visit year round. I also appreciate the variety in our student body and the extra curricular activities offered.  

Lukas '13, Palm Bay, FL

Because it was love at first sight. 


Erik '15, Ashum, VA

Even though I have not started yet I already love UT! About a week before my acceptance letter came in the mail I got a personalized letter from my admission counselor, it was awesome! Since then I have been following what other people have say and have actually read all the other “I Heart UT” sayings. I already know I will love going here, it just seems like an awesome place to be and everyone seems so nice. #UTBOUND

Amanda '14, Barrington, IL


I love UT because people are friendly and welcoming. The small class size enables professors know your name and take extra step to make sure you understand the material. In addition, there are so many things to get involved in on here on campus and the University is located within walking distance of many restaurants. And of course the warm weather, sun, and the closeness to the beach is great!

Kristen '14, Roselle, IL

I love UT because I have not one but two families away from home, ResLife and the Nursing students.



Shantel '14, St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands

I heart UT because the environment is so friendly and all faculty and staff are always willing to make time with you, know matter how busy they are.




Christina '16, New Port Richey, FL

I <3 the Honors Program and the Moroccan!



Mariana '14, Pensacola, FL

The sense of community I feel no matter what organization I'm in, since all of IT strives to achieve wonderful goals that help the Tampa community.



Eric '15, Chaska, MN

I can't imagine myself anywhere else.



John '12, Leonardtown, MD

The University has provided me with a great education with a unique sport management program. The opportunities that have been around me are a result of UT. The University continues to improve itself and provide students with both a great classroom and college experience.



Logan '15

I love all the opportunities I have in the Honors Program including smaller classes, the Oxford study abroad program,  and a challenging curriculum. There is so much activity on campus and the food is great, too!



Haley '15, Sammamish, WA

I love UT because the campus is beautiful, the students are friendly and welcoming, and the teachers are enthusiastic about the subjects they teach. There are so many ways to get involved on campus and in the community.


Michael '15, Palatine, IL

The University of Tampa allows me to not only chase after what I want to do academically, but also socially. The multiple groups and activities on campus are amazing!


Kristin '13, Gunnison, CO

You can walk down one hallway and hear five languages being spoken.


Amanda '13, Seminole, FL

Because my dance family has taught me to grow as a performer and as a person. Do it with love!


Kelly '15, Chicago, IL

Lots of flowers for picking year-round!

Flowers small


Susan '13, Los Angeles, CA

I Heart UT because I was just awarded a scholarship towards the cost of my travel abroad course for Spring. I support myself and am paying my way through college. UT helped make this trip possible and I know I will remember it for the rest of my life.


Jared '13, Tampa

I love UT for not only being a Yellow Ribbon school, but also for the outstanding professionalism of all the staff and student body. I appreciate the help they have given me with all the questions I had before this spring semester gets kicked off.


Tamera, UT Parent

Because UT cares about the students

Pam Iorio, UT Leader-in-Residence




Victor '70

I met my wife there.


Ciarra Joyner '03

I ♥ UT because I am able to be a proud Spartan, love my job, and help host charity events. This place is amazing, Plant Hall is the most beautiful building ever!

Ciarra small


Cassie '15

I love UT because of all of the new families I have. I love the 5th floor Vaughn family with all of my heart. They are the best friends I could ever ask for. No matter what we do, we "go hard."

I love UT because of the Spanish Dance Team. Never in my life have I felt so accepted in a place I do not belong. You are all beautiful inside and out. Tito.

Most of all, I love UT because of my roommate Jill. We are so alike and compatible it's scary. I love living with her and am so glad she lives so close to me out of school, too. I know I haven't known her for a while, but she is my best friend, and I could not have done this without her.

Vaughn Students - Sm



Walter '14

I love UT because I have met with so many people from different walks of life. Not only that, but also my Dance Family. They mean the world to me, and they are the reason I love being here. Never a dull moment on campus; I wouldn't trade it for the world. Love you Dancer Family.

UT Dancers - Sm



Gary '14

Because it gives me a fantastic opportunity to be a leader. On top of that, the experiential classes are unlike any I have ever seen anywhere else, and it's a gorgeous campus in a gorgeous location.

Valerie '07

I <3 UT because it was my home away from home.  Alpha Gamma Delta gave me the sisters I never had and being a part of that organization provided me with great memories, lifelong friends and invaluable leadership experience.


 AGD Graduates - sm


Franny '03

I heart UT because... Even though I have graduated, there are still activities that my family and I can enjoy on campus!  Every year we "trick or treat" on campus.  My kids love it!


Trick or Treat at UT

Roxanna '08

I love UT because it was my first home away from home. I fell in love with it the first time I visited my junior year of high school. I knew when I stepped out of the car that I belonged there! I love UT because it gave me a first class education- inside and outside the classroom-. I love UT because without it, I would have never found my passion for Student Affairs. If I had the opportunity to go back in time, I would definitely re-live all the great and not so great memories, I now cherish from my experience at UT. As I grow in my new career and move around various Universities, I know that I will always be a UT Spartan at heart!


Lisa '13

I love the University of Tampa... because it is my dream school. It gives an unbelievable education that you can't find anywhere else along with allowing me to be my own person and explore so many different types of paths in life... I ♥ UT because it defines me.

Lori '11

I love UT because the professors are amazing and they push students to their maximum potential. The professors at UT really are one of a kind. I transferred to this university two years ago, therefore, I can definately compare and contrast the difference between both universities. I graduate in December and I am sad to leave such a wonderful university. What disappoints me is that the University does not have a masters program in criminology, otherwise, I would choose UT in a heartbeat.


Matthew '14

Small classes, great people, faculty and staff are very welcoming to new students... it is definitely an education of a lifetime!



Barbara '00

Because after 10 years of being away, some of my teachers still know my name, where I work and where I live... UT Rocked!



Rita, UT Parent

As an out-of-state mom of a second year student, I've had a chance to actually wander campus some and I love UT for its richness in feeling. It's a great campus; easily accessible to so much in and out, and there is just a great friendly air when you're walking around. The whole area is so special and I get jealous because it's so very different from what we live in, yet easy to adapt to.


Greg, UT Athletics Announcer

 I heart UT because of the fact that when I'm announcing sports games (baseball, soccer, volleyball, etc) I can look into the stands and see the smiling faces of both President Vaughn and his wife, Renee. It's great to have attended and now work at a university where the president supports the students.


 President and Mrs. Vaughn



Brent, University Staff

I heart UT because I can swim outdoors in February! 

Codie, University Staff

I heart UT because of its landscape! The campus is located right on the Hillsborough River in downtown Tampa. I love having lunch on the Verandah of Plant Hall, admiring the city skyline and the beautiful architecture on campus. I also love sitting on benches near the river, watching boats ride by and kids playing across the river at the Glazer Children’s Museum. It is such a beautiful and peaceful setting.

Jessie '07


Mitch '14

I love UT because all of my professors really care about their students. This is this first time in my life where I have really been able to thoroughly understand and enjoy the material I am learning! It really makes a difference when your teacher is extremely passionate about their job. The class size is another thing I love about UT. I never have any problems contacting my professors and they are always extremely willing and excited to help with whatever problems I have. I feel like every class I have I enjoy more and more. 

Rochelle '05

I heart UT because it is impossible to be bored on campus! Between my sorority community service activities, seminars related to my major, leadership workshops and intramural sports, I didn’t have time to realize that I was 1,300 miles from home.


 Rochelle - Small



Paige '10

I love UT because of all the exceptional people I had the opportunity to meet. Not only did I meet new friends, but I also met outstanding professors as well. I made friendships that will last a lifetime though the Cross Country and Track teams as well as those I met in my classes. I instantly made close friends with my teammates  because we did everything together. We were all the first ones up on campus for 6 a.m. practice, we ate all of our meals together, and we even found the time to go out on the weekends together. The small class sizes gave me the opportunity to become close with my classmates as well. In fact, during my Sophomore year, I met my fiancée in my Biology class!

The professors at UT really did provide me with the best educational experience and preparation for the working world. All of my professors knew me by name and I wasn’t just a number. They always seemed to find the time to provide any extra assistance and were very accommodating when it came to missing a class for a Cross Country meet. I would let my professors know ahead of time if I had to miss a class and he/she would schedule a time for me to sit down with him/her one on one to go over the lesson that I had missed. To this day, my past professors will email me just to check in and see how I am doing.


Maureen '12

"I fell in love with UT the moment I realized I wasn't the only one traveling far away to school. I love that people come from all over the world."


Sarah '10

I love that my professors still ask me how I’m doing. Either they send me an e-mail, shoot me a text message, run into me in Tampa, or Facebook me to see how I’m doing. They’ll even suggest different opportunities for me to participate in. 

I love that UT offers so many choices for food, not just one bland cafeteria. You can use your meal plan at so many different venues on campus. The only downfall to this is worrying about the freshman 15 (or 50?!).

I love that while I was at UT I got a global perspective. I was fortunate enough to meet so many people from around the world and have roommates from Spain and Germany. The diversity at UT was incredible.

I love that UT caters to what the students want. They listen to the student voice. If there is something that students complain about they change it. If there is something that students want to see more of, they get it.

I love UT’s residence halls. The dorms are extremely nice and livable. I love that there are so many layout options to choose from. I didn’t move off until my senior year because of how great the rooms are!

I loved being a student at UT, not another face or number in the crowd. Faculty and staff members at UT actually got to know me. If they saw me or helped me out more than twice they usually made it a point to remember my name or my face. It was a lot of personalized attention without it being overbearing. I felt like a person at UT. It felt like I mattered.

I love UT.


Cara '12

"I fell in love with UT the moment I saw Plant Hall. I love that we get to attend classes in a piece of history."