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Student Employment

There are a number of different student employment positions available within the Vaughn Center.

For more information, or to be involved in the program, please contact the Office of Student Leadership and Engagement at (813) 253-6233.

Information Desk Attendants

Information Desk Attendants (IDAs) work at the...
Information Desk Attendants (IDAs) work at the Vaughn Center Information Desk, providing quality customer service to students, staff, faculty and community guests to The University of Tampa. IDAs are responsible for answering phones, managing the lost and found and package process, assisting with event services in the building and serving as a resource to answer any questions about the campus and its services.

Building Managers

Building Managers serve as the point of contact in the building...
Building Managers serve as the point of contact in the Vaughn Center during the afternoon and evening hours. They manage maintenance, housekeeping and event services needs. They are the point of contact for any staff, faculty or student organization that has a room reservation in the Vaughn Center from 12 p.m.–2 a.m. They are responsible for checking in and out faculty, staff and student organizations from all rooms in Vaughn.