Undergraduate Research Celebration Week

  • Celebrating Honors Day

    Celebrating Honors Day - research weekApril 23, 2015
    The Honors undergraduate research fellows are officially recognized and present their findings. Learn more.
  • CNHS Research Symposium

    CNHS - research weekApril 24, 2015
    Undergraduate students within CNHS present their current or recently completed research projects. Learn more.
  • COB Student Research Day

    ContStudies_smApril 24, 2015
    Students within the Sykes College of Business present their current or recently completed research projects.Learn more.
  • CSSME Research Conference

    CSSMS - research weekApril 29, 2015
    Undergraduate students present original, empirical research within any area of the disciplines represented by CSSME. Learn more.
  • Annual Human Rights Conference

    Human Rights - landingApril 18, 2015
    Presentations are made by students, academicians and human rights activists. The event is organized by UT's Human Rights Think Tank. Learn more.