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Contact Information Technology

Location: Jaeb Computer Center, Room 113
Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m. EST
Address: 401 W. Kennedy Blvd., Box 82F
Telephone: (813) 253-6293
Fax: (813) 253-6286
Information Technology Structure and Organization

Tom Weeks, Chief Information Officer; (813) 257-3991

Director of Operations

Scott Thacher, Director of Operations; (813) 253-6013
Responsible for supervision of both Network and User Services providing direction for the campus network infrastructure and all user services requirements including procurement, customer service and distribution.

Network Services

William Jones, Manager of Network Services; (813) 253-6280
Responsible for the campus network infrastructure including cabling, connections and electronics. Also, provides network security, server administration, email administration, telecommunications, cable TV, Internet and remote access services.

User Services

Jim Chancellor, Manager of User Services
; (813) 253-6292
Responsible for faculty, staff and lab computer hardware/software installation, maintenance, help desk support, technology inventory, acquisitions and leases, copiers, printers, operation of computer labs and smart phones.

Enterprise Applications

Lisa Korthas, Director of Enterprise Applications; (813) 257-3375
Responsible for computer hardware and software to support University administrative processes for student records, financial, institutional development and web systems, as well as other related administrative systems/services. Also, administers Blackboard and assists faculty with their Blackboard requirements.


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