Teaching Guild

Mission Statement

MissionGoalsOne of the Teaching Guild's goals is to advocate for and reward teaching excellence throughout the University. 

To advance the best practices of college teaching by collaborating with faculty members to cultivate an institutional culture in which teaching is highly valued and which inspires students. The Teaching Guild is open for participation to all faculty members in all colleges, term and full time, tenure and non-tenured.


  1. To foster attitudes that value teaching and learning excellence.
  2. To improve teaching and programs through peer interaction, professional revitalization and scholarship.
  3. To support faculty in their efforts to explore ideas, initiate projects, integrate instructional technology and invigorate learning for faculty and students.
  4. To provide opportunities for faculty to enhance student learning in and out of the classroom.
  5. To encourage and support faculty involvement in research and the scholarship of teaching and learning and to bring research about teaching to the attention of the campus community.
  6. To advocate for and reward teaching excellence throughout the University.