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Tampa Review 47/48

The phrase “foreign and domestic” can aptly be used to describe Tampa Review 47/48. A term pointing two ways that turns up in federal swearing-in ceremonies and in oaths of citizenship, it resonates throughout this issue, from the homeland security of “A Family of Interest” in James Gordon Bennett’s Danahy Fiction Prize story to Martin Cloutier’s disturbing “World Brought Close,” with its images of need and vulnerability....
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Space Traveler • Benjamin S. Grossberg

Benjamin S. Grossberg’s third collection forges a new mythology, fresh and contemporary in voice and content, as he examines how we live today, seen through the eyes of another being. Playful, insightful, wide in their arc of associations, the poems of Space Traveler are spoken by an alien traveling from star to star, getting a chance to “observe up close” the variety of outer-space phenomena....
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Visitations • John Bensko

Robert Morgan describes John Bensko’s collection, Visitations, as “a book of portraits and voices, many voices, all of them vivid and memorable. Rivers speak, weeds speak, and figures from American history tell us their stories . . . Both the atrocities and glories of our world come to life in these poems of witness, lament, celebration, and the often painful mystery of love.”...
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Systems of Vanishing • Michael Hettich

Systems of Vanishing ranges widely in content and poetical form, yet always considers the disappearances occurring all around us, all the time: natural, organic vanishings that have always been central to life, while others are unnatural, grief-inducing losses—a vanishing of a species, of beauties of all kinds, and of the rhythms by which we live most fully, replaced by noise and a lust for things....
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Michael Hettich Wins 2013 Tampa Review Prize for Poetry

Michael Hettich, of Miami, Florida, has been named winner of the 2013 Tampa Review Prize for Poetry. Hettich receives the twelfth annual prize for his new manuscript, Systems of Vanishing. In addition to a $2,000 check, the award includes hardback and paperback book publication in Spring 2014 by the University of Tampa Press.

Isabella David Wins Eighth Annual Danahy Fiction Prize

Isabella David of Ridgfield, Connecticut, has been selected as winner of the eighth annual Danahy Fiction Prize by the editors of Tampa Review. She will receive a cash award of $1,000 and her winning short story, “If the Meek Inherit the Earth, They'll Have Sons-of-Bitches for Lawyers,” will be published in the Fiftieth Anniversary Issue of Tampa Review.

Poet Jennifer Key Wins 2012 Tampa Review Prize

Jennifer Key, of Pinehurst, North Carolina,  has been named winner of the 2012 Tampa Review Prize for Poetry. Key receives the eleventh annual prize for her manuscript entitled The Old Dominion.