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Paper Recycling Collection Locations

The University of Tampa has partnered with Secure On-Site Shredding (SOS) to place 19 collection bins at 17 locations across campus. The locations include sites within the Macdonald Kelce Library, Vaughn Center, Jaeb Computer Center, Sykes College of Business, Plant Hall, Riverside Center, the Cass Building and Cass Annex.

SOS will collect paper from the bins bi-weekly.

The containers will be locked, and dropped items will be shredded upon pickup. SOS will take office paper, Post-it notes, magazines and newsprint, but requests that users refrain from placing such items as food wrappers, hanging file folders and 3-ring binders into the bins.

Specific sites for paper collection bins:
  • Library – Student Computer Lab
  • Library – Administrative Offices area
  • Vaughn 2nd Floor – Student Computer Lab
  • Vaughn 2nd Floor – Student Affairs
  • Jaeb Computer Center    
  • Sykes Business Building – Student Computer Lab
  • Sykes Business Building – Faculty Work Room
  • Sykes Business Building – Graduate Studies Office
  • Plant Hall – First Floor elevator landing
  • Plant Hall – Second Floor elevator landing
  • Plant Hall – Third Floor elevator landing
  • Plant Hall – Fourth Floor elevator landing
  • Plant Hall – Financial Aid
  • Riverside Building – 2nd Floor
  • Cass Annex – Faculty Office Center
  • Cass Building – Graphics Lab
  • Cass Science – Faculty Office area    

For more information, contact Rick Ogorek, associate vice president of administration and finance, at ext. 3008.