Education and Research

Hendrix-Sustainability Education
Professor Steve Hendrix and student Theresa Hendrick '10 clean a tiny sensor used to test water quality on the Hillsborough River.
Students and faculty in several disciplines are actively involved in study, teaching and research. The Environmental Science program is a key area of learning focus. Courses like Sustainability in Cities, Biodiversity Conservation, Environmental Economics, Social Issues in Business and Tropical Biology/Coral Reefs are just a few of the courses that focus on environmental issues.

The Faculty Sustainability Committee works to implement sustainable solutions in the classroom and on campus, producing resources like Classroom Sustainability Strategies and Campus Recycling Resources. The nine-member committee includes Dan Huber, department of biology; David Bechtold, department of management; Todd Campbell, department of biology; Bella Galperin, department of management; Sasko Ivanov, department of mathematics; Stephen Kucera, department of biology; Simon Schuler, department of chemistry and physics; Jennifer Tarr, department of mathematics; and Stephanie Tripp, department of communication. The committee's mission is to develop a culture of sustainability and global stewardship within the campus community.

UT has about 140 student organization and clubs including these with environmental interests: Environmental Protection Coalitions (EPC), Student Environmental Action Coalitions (SEAC), Beta Beta Beta (honors Biology) and Tampa Bay Association of Environmental Professionals.

Our own Marine Research Lab located on Tampa Bay is involved in various projects that support our sea water resources, coral reefs and sea life.

In 2008 the Earth Charter, U.S. and the Sykes College of Business began a relationship to recognize sustainable-oriented businesses with the presentation of the Sustainable Business Awards. The selection of the award winners was undertaken as a Sykes College of Business Graduate School project. The awards have become an annual event with 18 area businesses recognized at luncheon held on campus in 2011. In addition to the Graduate Business School, the College of Business Center for Ethics has become an ongoing partner with the Earth Charter in this endeavor.

In this same year, UT hosted the Earth Charter Community Summit. The summit brought people together in cities around the world to be inspired to make the Earth Charter's principles a reality in their lives and communities. It should be noted that in 200l UT helped launch Earth Charter Community Initiatives, which was striving to create a national movement focusing on sustainability. Its initiatives were broadcast via satellite from UT to 12 U.S. cities. For more information about Earth Charter USA, visit