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Summer session courses are offered at the undergraduate and graduate levels in a variety of formats to help students accelerate degree completion and to explore elective areas of study.

Summer 2016 Terms

May Term: May 9-May 20
Summer I: May 23-July 2
Summer II: July 5-Aug. 13
Summer III: May 23-Aug. 13
Summer IV (EMBA): May 14-Aug. 6
Summer V (EDU): June 20-July 29
Summer 2016 registration is open and generally remains open through the first day of each respective summer term. TO SEARCH FOR SUMMER SESSION COURSES:

  1. Go to the "Live Course Search" on SpartanWeb.
  2. Choose any of the summer terms in the "term" drop down (MayTerm or any term starting with "Summer") to find courses that are offered. You are not required to log on to SpartanWeb to search for courses.
  3. You can also view a list of all summer courses, which is sorted by discipline.

You do not have to get your adviser to clear you for any summer courses if you are a continuing UT student; however, it is suggested students consult with their adviser before registering in a course to ensure it fits in their program of study.

If you don't see the course you want or have a suggestion for a summer course, email

Hybrid courses

Combination of in-classroom and online instructional experiences

Hybrid classes combine in-classroom and online instructional experiences. To search for hybrid classes, select HY in the "Method" window on SpartanWeb "Live Course Search." Hybrid classes meet in the classroom for about half as many hours as traditional full face-to-face classes with the other half conducted via Blackboard online.

Compact residency hybrid courses

These specially formatted hybrid courses meet on campus during the first two weeks of the term only. The remainder of the class is conducted online. For example, a student enrolled in a MayTerm course could take an additional course in Summer I by staying for just two extra weeks of on-campus instruction, and then complete the course online from anywhere in the world. Compact residency courses are designated by section HX and meet more often during the first two weeks of the term than a traditional course, so students should consult the "notes" section of the course on SpartanWeb for these meeting days.

Do you want to improve your GPA?

STEPUP is for students who want to achieve a higher level of academic performance
Join STEP UP, a program for students struggling to reach the level of academic achievement desired. This comprehensive and focused program of personal and academic skill development starts in the Summer I term. For more information, go to the program website or contact the Academic Success Center.

Wait lists

When a desired summer course is full
Students are encouraged to go on the wait list in those instances when a desired course is full. Wait lists are monitored daily, and students who meet all course requirements are automatically registered in the course if a seat opens up. The student on the wait list with the highest number of completed credit hours will be the first to receive the next available seat. Wait lists in the summer remain active until the Thursday before the start of classes in each respective summer term. If no seats open up, students on the wait list are notified when the list closed.

Financial Services

Summer tuition, fees and financial aid

Summer 2016 tuition and fees will be posted on or before April 1, 2016.

Financial aid is very limited during the summer. Students who wish to apply and qualify for summer financial aid should talk with a financial aid counselor as early as possible. Contact the Financial Aid Office at (813) 253-6219 or to explore your options. New students should complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

On campus summer housing

Apply for campus housing

Students who wish to live in the residence hall during the summer must be attending class in the summer or be employed on campus. Use the online Summer Housing Form to request a residence hall assignment during one or several summer terms.

NOTE: If you are taking a hybrid course that meets on campus only during the first two weeks of the term (section HX courses) and you plan to stay in the dorm for only those two weeks, put a message in ADDITIONAL INFORMATION on the form indicating you plan to check out early. You will be refunded the portion of your housing fee for the time you were not in residence.

For more information about on-campus or off-campus summer housing contact the Office of Residence Life.

Summer Meal Plans

Special summer meal plans available for commuters and students living on campus
A variety of special summer meal plans are available for purchase. These are convenient and economical. For more information, go to Summer Block Meal Plans and select the plan that is best for you. NOTE: summer block plans will indicate "summer." If no summer block meal plans are currently posted, please return to this page at a later date. Dining services will be posting them closer to the start of the summer session.