Meet the Staff


Lorie Kittendorf

Director, Office of Student Success

  • 2012 University of South Florida, Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration
  • 1999 University of South Florida, M.Ed. in College Student Affairs
  • 1994 University of South Florida, B.A. in Visual Communications with a minor in American Sign Language

Lorie Kittendorf serves as the director of the Office of Student Success which was established in October 2010.


Martina Newell

Staff Assistant

  • 2003 The University of Tampa, B.S.
  • 2013 Gonzaga University, M.A

"As a graduate of UT, I feel a personal connection to the experiences of our students as I once shared those same feelings. I fell in love with the atmosphere that UT provides with the help of our wonderful faculty, staff and administrators. I am honored that I have the opportunity to give back to our students what once was given to me and made my undergrad college experience so amazing, especially as a first-generation college student. My passion lies in the mission of our office and what we intend on doing here at UT for the student population.”

Department Contacts
Director of Student Success, Operations and Planning
Tel: 813- 257- 3321
Mailbox: 9F
Building: NWRoom: 102
Martina Newell( Staff )
Staff Assistant I, Student Success, Operations and Planning
Tel: 813- 257- 1783
Mailbox: 9F
Building: NWRoom: 126