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The Commuter Student Program component of Student Transition and Persistence is designed to promote a sense of belonging among commuter students while offering programs to enhance wellness, academic success and student connections within the UT campus.

Commuter students can take advantage of many services specifically dedicated to them, to ensure they will get the most out of their experience at UT. These Services include:

The Commuter lounge

Relaxing space dedicated specifically to commuter students, the commuter lounge, located on the second floor of the Vaughn Center, is open daily from 7 to 1 a.m. The lounge offers a variety of accommodations for campus needs: lockers, desks, kitchenette and TV. Lockers are available for students to keep books and personal items secure. The kitchenette is equipped with two refrigerators, a sink, cupboards and a microwave. There are study stations to plug in computers for study sessions. Enjoy watching favorite TV shows between classes on the large screen television with cable access or take a relaxing nap on the beds, hammocks and sleeping pods reserved exclusively for commuters. All these features are provided to ensure students’ comfort and well-being.


To make commuter students’ transit as smooth and convenient as possible, 50 additional parking spots were dedicated to commuter students in 2012.
Parking arrangements:

  • The Thomas parking garage, located between North A and North B streets on the west side of campus, has approximately 800 spaces.
  • The West parking garage is located along North Boulevard. The first floor of the West parking garage has designated commuter parking spaces.
  • Commuter students (except freshmen) with valid parking permits may also use the new temporary parking lot south of ResCom.
  • All first-year students (commuter or residential) must park in the West parking garage.
  • The cost is $50 per year with a valid UT ID and vehicle registration.

More information about parking and traffic regulations.

Stay alert about the traffic info throughout the day by regularly visiting BayNews9 traffic.


Specific meal plans dedicated to commuter students are available at an affordable price. More information about meal plans and pricing. 

Late Evening Classes and Flexible Scheduling

The University of Tampa perfectly understand the needs of students who choose to pursue a degree while holding a full-time or part-time position inside a company and made sure that everyone will find the adequate flexibility to organize courses according to their busy schedules. For this reason, there are many late evening classes available for almost any major offered at UT. For more information, please visit the Online UT Catalog.

Off-Campus Housing

See a list of off-campus arrangements, provided by agents and landlords who are independent of The University of Tampa.


Commuter students are advised to regularly check the weather forecasts to make the necessary arrangements for the day. Up to date information about weather forecasts.

Go Green!


Environmentally conscious? Adopting a green lifestyle? Interested in making new exciting friendships? Or do you simply want to share the gas, toll and parking expenses? Try the carpooling experience; share your ride to and from campus.


To promote outdoor physical activity and sustainable transportation options, The University of Tampa encourages green commuters who live close by to take the initiative and bike to campus whenever they have the chance. UT offers a free bicycle rental program; all that is needed is a valid UT ID.