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What is mediation?
Mediation is a completely voluntary and confidential process that helps two ore more people in a conflict clarify their issues and goals, communicate about the situation, and try to reach a constructive resolution.

Mediators are trained, neutral facilitators who help the parties in a conflict to work together on issues that are important to them.

Mediators do not make determinations about who is right or wrong or how things should be resolved – the parties make all the decisions themselves.
What issues can be mediated?
Just about anything!

Noise, roommate conflicts, money issues, chores, group projects, privacy, interpersonal conflicts, student group issues, and racial or gender issues are all appropriate for mediation.

The primary constraint is that both parties must agree to participate in mediation.
Why use mediation?
Mediation is different from any formal disciplinary process so no one gets in trouble!

Mediation is private and confidential.

Mediation is flexible and can help you reach creative solutions.

It works! In 70-80 percent of cases, people reach some resolution through mediation. Mediated agreements work because both parties are committed to them. No one ever has to sign anything that he or she does not feel comfortable signing.
How can I get more information?
Contact the Office of Student Conduct at 253-3333 x1777 or 258-7228 or