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Office of Student Conduct

The Office of Student Conduct is committed to upholding the University of Tampa's Spartan Code. The values of honesty, fairness, trust, respect, responsibility, personal wellness and citizenship are promoted and expected from all students. The Office's goal is to evaluate reported situations through the lens of safety, education and accountability to create educational solutions while balancing the protection of the University community and the individual development of involved students. This goal is achieved through:
  • Assisting in creating a campus community conducive to academic pursuits;
  • Providing a fair and unbiased process to address issues of student behavior;
  • Offering a variety of conflict resolution options for students;
  • Working with involved students individually to better define personal values and an understanding of institutional values;
  • Promoting a knowledge of behavioral expectations and their role in the campus community;
  • Actively seek out partnerships with key members of the University and surrounding community to improve awareness of value-based behaviors and increase student learning; and
  • Protecting the University community, property and interests.
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Contact Information

Representatives from the Office of Student Conduct are available to answer general questions about the University's student code of conduct or specific questions regarding an incident of alleged policy violation that has occurred on campus or between UT students. Please contact by email at and allow three to five working days for a response from a staff representative.

For additional information about peer mediation programs or scheduling a mediation between two students, please email