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The Resource Team for Faith, Values and Spirituality is comprised of faculty, staff and students committed to the mission and learning outcomes listed below.

Learning Outcomes Report 2009-10 (PDF)


To further strengthen UT students’ academic and personal development through character-building, spiritual development and enhancing their understanding of world cultures and religions.

Mission-based Learning Outcomes

Employing educated inquiry and engaging each other through various perspectives.

In the domain of character building, students will learn to:
  • Make choices based on principles, beliefs, and values
  • Identify and represent personal values
  • Find or deepen their true vocation
In the domain of spiritual development, students will learn to:
  • Develop and/or deepen their sense of purpose and meaning in life
  • Seek enhanced self-awareness and identity through reflection
  • Ask fundamental “why” questions to broaden their understanding of various world views
In the domain of enhancing understanding of world cultures and religions, students will learn to:
  • Promote campus-wide understanding and enhance recognition of diverse spiritual beliefs in the broadest sense through dialogue, discussion and personal discovery
  • Seek out opportunities to learn about world cultures and religions
  • Explore interfaith conversations