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Scholars' Symposia

The UT Scholars’ Symposia was created to introduce The University of Tampa community to vibrant researchers and writers from all over the nation. It is an annual event that features good food, great conversation, book signings (when available) and question-and-answer sessions with the scholar. The program welcomes anyone who would like to share his or her scholarship. Those interested in participating should contact Kacy Tillman, the symposia’s director, at

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Spring 2017

Dan Walden

Dan Walden

"A Hell of Our Own": Pirates, Sailors and Coastal Identities in Early America

Jan. 27, 2017

Time: 4-5:30 p.m.
Location: Vaughn Trustees Board Room
Free food!

About Dan Walden, Ph.D.

Dan Walden is an associate professor of English at Baylor University, where he teaches classes on early American literature and culture. His research focuses on the intersection of maritime and terrestrial culture in America during the golden age of sail, and has published in such journals as Early American Literature, Atlantic Studies, Studies in American Fiction, The Nautilus and Southern Literary Journal, among others. His current book project, Between Two Worlds: The Coast in Early American Literature, examines the representation and significance of coastal environments in American literature from the seventeenth to mid-nineteenth centuries.

About Walden's Presentation

Title: "A Hell of Our Own": Pirates, Sailors and Coastal Identities in Early America

During the “Golden Age of Sail” from the late 1500s to the mid 1800s, those who lived and worked on the sea often were men without a country. Though sailing on English, French, Spanish, Dutch and, later, American ships, the men who sailed the ocean developed unique language, music, traditions—a culture of the sea. And when these “sea”men came to shore, they quite often found themselves at odds with the larger terrestrial national cultures that sought to control them. In response there rose a small intermediate space between land and sea—the coast—that offered sailors, privateers and pirates a place to “make a Hell of their own.”

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