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Department of Campus Safety: ext. 7777, off-campus, (813) 257-7777
Emergencies Only: 911
Tampa Fire Department: (813) 223-4211
Tampa General Hospital: (813) 251-7000
Tampa Police Department: (813) 231-6130

If an unexpected, time-sensitive emergency occurs (e.g., fire, accident) it should be reported immediately (ext. 7777 or (813) 257-7777) to the Department of Campus Safety. Officers are on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week throughout the year. While it is unlikely that any of the following circumstances will be encountered, in any situation involving: armed robbery, bomb threat, civil disorder, fire, hazardous materials, hostages, trespassing persons, terrorist activity, or weapons, UT employees are asked to consider following these general crisis management guidelines.

If possible, you should:
  • Call Campus Safety immediately at ext. 7777 or (813) 257-7777.
  • Call 911.
  • Calmly try to assess the situation.
  • Take all threats or allegations seriously.
  • Be observant and try to remember everything seen or heard.
  • Evacuate yourself and others if possible.
  • In all cases, use extreme caution.

During applicable crisis situations, try to obtain a description without staring at or antagonizing the individual(s). Mentally note height, weight, size, estimated age, hair, mustache, beard and any scars or distinctive characteristics. Descriptions of jewelry, clothing, shoes, hats, glasses and weapon also are important. These are suggestions and should only be employed if it is possible to do so without provoking the person(s).

You should NOT:
  • Confront a hostile person.
  • Attempt to disarm someone.
  • Undertake any heroic actions.
Remember, in any emergency situation UT's highest priority is the safety of all University community members.