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AFROTC Courses

ROTC students must enroll in all Aerospace Studies curriculum to meet program requirements. If necessary, students can arrange to take both freshman and sophomore courses during their sophomore year.

All AFROTC cadets take one Aerospace Studies (AS) course and the Leadership Laboratory. Aerospace Studies are credited courses taught by active-duty officers while Leadership Lab is a cadet-centered program allowing you to practice the leadership skills and management theory acquired in class.

Cadets are also required to attend weekly physical training designed to increase and enhance physical fitness.

Students who complete the AFROTC courses and Leadership Lab can receive a minor in Aerospace Studies.


AFR 1101    Foundations of the U.S. Air Force (1 credit)
AFR 1120     Foundations of the U.S. Air Force (1 credit)


AFR 2130    The Development of Air Power I:  Ascension to Prominence (1 credit)
AFR 2140    The Development of Air Power II:  Key to Deterrence (1 credit)

AFR 3220    Air Force Leadership and Management I (3 credits)
AFR 3231    Air Force Leadership and Management II (3 credits)
AFR 4201    National Security Forces in Contemporary American Society I (3 credits)
AFR 4211    National Security Forces in Contemporary American Society II (3 credits)
Freshman through Senior:
AFR 2001    Air Force Leadership Laboratory (0 credits)

A complete listing of Aerospace Studies required courses can be viewed on UT's online catalog.