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The new Fitness Center will offer a minimum of 50 group fitness classes throughout the week during the fall and spring semesters. Please review the class descriptions for important information about each class as some classes are held outside or have a requirement to attend, such as a towel and water bottle for indoor cycling. 

Please click here to view the Group Fitness Schedule

  • All facility policies apply to class participants.
  • Arrive early and read the class descriptions. Some classes have size limits or require passes.
  • Cell phones and personal music players are not permitted during class. Be here to workout, not annoy your neighbor.


B: Beginners Level Class I: Intermediate Level Class A: Advanced Level Class

Boot Camp (B/I/A) A high energy fitness class that caters to all levels. Classes will consist of circuit or group training that combine strength, cardio, muscle endurance, plyometrics, agility, core…we got it all! So come join in on this journey to fitness. 

Cycle Pump (B/I/A) A calorie torching cycle class with a toning kick to it. You’ll be working not only your legs, but you’ll also be getting an upper body and core workout.

CalAesthetics (I/A) CalAesthetics is a play on the words “calisthenics,” meaning bodyweight exercises, and “aesthetics.” Using bodyweight as the only form of resistance to create your perfectly aesthetic image. Utilizing the new Queenax system, this high energy, interval-based circuit style class will target the muscles you use functionally on a day-by-day basis, as well as burn those excess calories like you’ve never seen before.

Energy Flow! (B/I/A) Want to make the most of your evening? Recharge with this flowing sequence of poses, which will leave you refreshed and rejuvenated to enjoy the twilight of your day. 

Gentle Yoga (B/I/A) Wake your body with gentle sun salutations, core awakening and seated postures uniquely designed to transition you from a waking state into your day by warming and opening major muscles and joints in your body. Leave ready to begin your day with a balanced body and mind, feeling centered, focused and energized! All levels welcome.

Hatha Flow Yoga (B/I) Hatha Flow will work through yoga postures and stretches in combination with breath work to balance body, mind and spirit. This class encourages proper alignment of the body to improve balance, strength and relaxation.

HIIT (B/I/A) HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. These are short and intense cardiovascular workouts. Build lean muscles, reduce overall body fat and burn tons of calories in a short amount of time. Classes are between 20-30 minutes long and include a warm up, a workout and a stretch/cool down section. They will be highly enjoyable and efficient classes for individuals of ALL levels. Different playlists made by top European DJs will match every workout to bring added energy and fun!

Indoor Cycling (B/I/A) High energy interval, resistance and cardio workout on stationary bikes. Climb hills, sprint it out and jump your way to a better you! Get your heart rate up and ride to the beat of the music! Check-in at the front desk. Registration begins 30 minutes before class begins.

Kickboxing/Mixed Martial Arts (I) Come join this exciting Kickboxing Mixed Martial Arts class for an intense workout that will get your heart racing and self-confidence soaring. In this class the instructor will lead you through a martial arts workout and teach you self-defense techniques from Tae Kwon Do and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, while also leading you through rounds of kickboxing. Come punch, elbow, knee strike and kick targets to get out the stresses of the day! Each MMA style workout will burn on average 700-1000 calories and leave you feeling excited for the next class.

Power Yoga (B/I/A) This flow yoga class is suitable for all yogis, whether you are a beginner or a more advanced student. It is a quick-paced class that features a variety of poses to tone muscle and build strength while incorporating meditation and relaxation. This class is a perfect way to start your week with an hour of peaceful exercise.

POUNDTM (B/I) Pound is the world’s first cardio jam session inspired by the energizing, infectious, sweat-dripping fun of playing the drums. This rock out workout uses a RipStix to tone and enhance. Class is limited to 25 participants. Check-in at the front desk. Registration begins 30 minutes before class begins.

Psychling! (I/A) High intensity interval workout… on a bike! Get ready for hill sprints, jumps, tap backs and some special surprises! Come in with a smile and an open mind and let’s ride!!! Check-in at the front desk. Registration begins 30 minutes before class begins.

Queenax Functional Training (B/I/A) Get lean and strong with high intensity interval training. Target your core muscles to improve stability and strength with this high energy program that incorporates coordination, strength and stamina.

Rhythm Ride (B/I/A) Rhythm ride is an indoor cycling experience focused on riding to the beat of music. All levels are welcome to enjoy this full-body calorie-blaster that incorporates endurance, strength and high intensity training all on one bike. Check-in at the front desk. Registration begins 30 minutes before class begins.

Relax and Restore (B/I/A) Explore stress relieving poses in this calming, gentle class. We will also incorporate restorative yoga poses to help relax into deeper stretches and better alignment. Beginner, intermediate and advanced yogis welcome.

Slow Flow Yoga (B/I/A) This all-levels class is designed to both de-stress and challenge the body and mind by slowing the traditional linked postures. This allows the student to properly and safely align the body, and to let the breath initiate the pose. When mindfully slowing our movements, our nervous systems relax, our muscles become supple, our breath deepens and our inner chemistry shifts towards a biological balance, in which one experiences as peace, tranquility and stress reduction. 

Sparta 300 (B/I/A) is a full body rep-based class that uses functional training modalities to challenge both your strength and endurance. Spartans didn’t have machines or fancy weights, and for this class, neither do we. Oh, and at the end of the workout, you will have completed 300 total reps of all included exercises, without even realizing it.

Sunrise Yoga (B/I) Begin your day with calm and clarity in this flowing and gentle yoga class. Sequences will also include some invigorating poses to energize your day.

Tabata (B/I/A) Tabata is an effective total body workout in short period of time. High intensity 20 second intervals followed by 10 second breaks of exercises using various equipment. These bursts of intense work will torch calories and strengthen your entire body. All fitness levels welcome.

Vinyasa Yoga (B/I/A) A popular style of yoga in which one brings balance and awareness to the breath, mind and body. The flowing structure of this class helps to lower stress, build strength and increase flexibility. This class is a wonderful and challenging way to work out and reset your mind and body for the day. 

Yin Yoga (B/I) This style of yoga is different than most others offered as it targets the deep connective tissues of the body. You will move through smooth, slow and calming flows that help regulate the flow of energy in the body and leave you feeling zen!

Zumba® (B/I) Learn to dance Latin-style and get a hot workout! Zumba fuses Latin and hip hop music and dance together for a dynamic fitness class. The routines combine fast and slow rhythms that tone and sculpt. Come to Zumba to shake off your stress!