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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find information on hours and use of the pool?
The University's pool is operated by the UT Athletic Department. Contact Melissa Wright, administrative assistant, for more information at (813) 257-3100, or via email at
Do I have to sign up to take a group fitness class?
No. However, there are only 32 bikes for the cycling classes, we open up sign up registration 30 minutes prior to class start time and we give out passes 10 minutes before class if you have a towel and water bottle with you. You must have the pass to get into the class. All other group fitness classes are on a first-come, first-serve basis for equipment and space. Fifty participants is usually the maximum for non-equipment based classes such as Zumba and Kickboxing. There is a maximum of 25 to 30 for strength classes like HardCORE and Just Pump.
How do I play intramural sports?
Visit the Intramural Policies and Procedures Web page for more information. There you will find a link to the IM Leagues website to create your team or sign up as a free agent. Contact Chris Gottlick at for more information. 
I want to play intramural sports but don't have a team. Is there a way I can still play?
Sign up as a free agent. If other teams need more members, they will pick you up to play on their team. If there are enough free agent applicants, a team will be created from those applicants. Contact Chris Gottlick for more information at
What off-campus trips are available?
Visit the Off-Campus Trips Web page for details.
How do I start a sport club?
Contact Charles Yezak, director of Campus Recreation, at His office is located in the Dickey Health and Wellness Center, room 207.
Why do I need my Spartan Card to use the fitness center?
It is University policy that all students on campus have UT identification on them at all times. This is also a way for us to keep track of the users and maintain safety of the fitness facility. 
How do I obtain a personal trainer?
Visit the Personal Training Web page to check out our trainers or stop in at the front desk to view the portfolio of trainers. Personal training is $15 per session. Contracts and payment will be handled at the front desk. 
How do I get a job with Campus Recreation?
The office usually goes through a hiring process at the end of each semester. From time to time there may be openings during the semester. More details can be found on our Employment Opportunities page and on HIRE-UT.
How do I reserve space in the Cass Gymnasium?
You must fill out a facility rental request at least five days in advance through SpartanWeb or send an email to Chris Gottlick at
Where is the Cass Gymnasium?
On University Drive, across from Frank and Carol Morsani Hall and the baseball diamond.
How far is it around the track?

The track is one-quarter mile around, taking four laps to complete one mile. Walkers should stay to the outside lanes and move in the direction of the track traffic. The track is open from dawn to dusk and operated by the Athletics Department. If it is ever found locked during those times, there is a card access point next to the bleachers that you can swipe your Spartan Card against for access.  Please do not prop open the gate or allow others to enter the facility behind.