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G. Jeffrey Klepfer, Ph.D.

G. Jeffrey Klepfer
Assistant Professor of Psychology

Ph.D., Clinical Psychology, May 1986, Biola University, Rosemead School of Psychology, La Mirada, CA
Dissertation: "Middle LPC Leadership and the Need for Power"

M.A., Clinical Psychology, August 1980, Middle Tennessee State University, Murfreesboro, TN
Thesis: "Causal Ascriptions and Religious Orientation in Prayer"

B.S., Psychology, June 1977, Trevecca College, Nashville, TN
Research, Teaching and Administration
Dr. Klepfer's research interests, which routinely involve undergraduate student participation, have encompassed such diverse fields as leadership in higher education and mate selection. Most recently, he has begun to establish an agenda in the area of emotion and investment decision-making. He is working with an honors research fellow and independent study students to advance understanding of the effect heuristic in risky investment decisions. Early results are promising and suggest educational applications in retirement planning and investor strategies.

Lorain Knapp
Lorain Knapp 
Dr. Klepfer has taught courses at The University of Tampa in General Psychology, The Great Psychologists, Theories of Personality, Statistics and Experimental Methods I, Clinical and Counseling Psychology, Emotion and Motivation and The Psychology Major Capstone. His pedagogy includes a heavy emphasis on interactive, on-line education and is focused on enhancing independent learning skills in students. Overall, his courses revolve around the development of competencies in communication, critical thinking, synthesis of interdisciplinary knowledge and appreciation for diverse values.

Dr. Klepfer's career at The University of Tampa also has included administrative stints as Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Director of the Baccalaureate Experience, Director of Institutional Research, Dean of Students and Director of the Personal Development Center. His awards include The University of Tampa Louise Loy Hunter Award for Teaching Excellence, 1999; the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Outstanding Service Award, 1998; and the Board of Counselors' Outstanding Contribution to Student Life Award, 1993.
Selected Publications and Presentations
"Affect and Probability Neglect in Investment Decisions," with Lorian Knapp and Christyn Blanchette (undergraduate psychology students), National Autonomous University of Mexico Conference Investigación sin fronteras, March 2008, Mexico City, Mexico.

"Structural Correlates of White, Black and Hispanic Intraracial and Interracial Marriages," with Norma A. Winston, Southern Sociological Society Regional Conference, April 2000, New Orleans, LA.

"Patterns of Mate Selection Among the Elderly: Do the Homogamous Norms Apply?" with Norma A. Winston, American Association of Behavioral and Social Sciences Journal, Fall 2000; American Association of Behavioral and Social Sciences National Conference, January 2000, Las Vegas, NV.

"Incorporated Values of Visionary Leaders," with Bryant Martinez (undergraduate psychology student), American Society of Business and Behavioral Sciences National Conference, February 1997, Las Vegas, NV.

"Enrollment Management: A Process Approach," with Ronald Ingersoll, Doris Ingersoll and Joan McClennen, American Marketing Association Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Education, November 1994, New Orleans, LA.

"A Case of Administrative Reinvention in a Private University," with David Ruffer and Frank Gryna, American Association of Higher Education Assessment and Quality Conference