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Cutting-edge Facility and Technology  

UT’s PA program is housed in the new Graduate and Health Studies Building —slated for completion in 2018 — which provides 30,000 square feet of medical training space on two floors. The PA unit includes a simulation center with both high fidelity simulators and standardized patients to allow for competency-based training and assessment. UT’s PA facility is a demonstration site for CAE, the world’s leading provider of health profession simulation technology and simulators. This relationship allows UT faculty advanced training in the utilization of simulation in medical education, and gives students access to the most up-to-date technology.

The PA program incorporates cutting-edge technology throughout the curriculum including the Anatomage table, SynDaver and i-Human patients. Every student receives an iPad loaded with all textbooks, medical references and other helpful apps. The entire facility is equipped with powerful Wi-Fi to keep students connected.

Human Anatomy, Physiology and Cadaveric Dissection

UT utilizes the state-of-the-art Anatomage table and SynDaver synthetic cadaver to provide foundational knowledge in human anatomy and physiology that is correlated to radiology. The Anatomage table allows students to virtually dissect through multiple layers of the human body, both as a cadaver and in radiographic detail. This is followed by an 80-hour, hands-on human cadaver dissection experience housed at the FIVE Bioskills Lab, located just 10 minutes from campus.

UT’s Physician Assistant Medicine facilities include:

  • Clinical skills and procedure lab  
  • Two emergency/intensive care simulation labs  
  • Anatomy lab  
  • Moulage (trauma) room  
  • Large student work space 
  • Four group problem-solving spaces 
  • 12 health assessment medical rooms 
  • Two large classrooms 
  • Several study and storage spaces 
  • Conference room  
  • Lockers

Live Webcam

Offering stunning live views, the high-definition webcam provides 24/7 streaming video to visitors across the globe via YouTube Live. The camera is perched on Morsani Hall, overlooking the construction of the new Graduate and Health Studies Building.

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