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New Freshman Registration Instructions

The First-Year Learning Experience is the foundation of a UT student's course schedule. Freshmen will be enrolled in the following courses during one or both of their first two semesters:

  • Gateways (two semesters) - A set of classroom, individual faculty-student, and co-curricular experiences designed to foster a successful transition to college.
  • Introduction to Computers (one semester, lecture and lab) - A survey of computer skills necessary for success in college. 
  • Composition and Rhetoric (one or two semesters) - Courses designed to strengthen student writing, sharpen critical-thinking skills, and foster an appreciation of the role of writing across the curriculum.
The balance of a student's schedule will help to fulfill:
  • The requirements of the Baccalaureate Experience
  • Individual major and/or minor areas of study

Students must complete the Registration Preference Form carefully. The University will then create a schedule for new students that includes the elements of the First-Year Learning Experience. Students should select their preferred courses of study for the First-Year Experience based on their individual interests.