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  • Website:
  • Meeting Time/Place: TBA
  • President: Alan Outeiral -
  • Advisor: Sean Maddan - smaddan@ut,edu
  • Description: Our mission as a paintball organization is to promote the sport of paintball around campus and give students the chance to play paintball in an competitive, but fun environment. This also gives the opportunity to provide students a way to socialize with fellow students who share their similar interest in paintball.
  • Website:
  • Meeting Time/Place: TBA
  • President: Rebekah Vigal -
  • Advisor: Ian McGinnity -
  • Description: The PEACE (People Exploring Active Community Experiences) Volunteer Center is The University of Tampa's volunteer organization for students, faculty and staff. Committed to community and campus service, the PEACE mission is to increase volunteerism at UT through direct service and advocacy. Our office is equipped with referrals, resources, group service projects and education. In addition, we will promote advocacy through social action, empowerment and representation of underprivileged groups.
  • Website:
  • Meeting Time/Place: TBA
  • President: Evan Cusson -
  • Advisor: Alisa Smith -
  • Description: Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity International is a professional law fraternity advancing integrity, compassion and courage through service to the student, the school, the profession and the community.
  • Website:
  • Meeting Time/Place: Sundays at 3 p.m. in Library AV Room 1
  • President: Jerimie Jackson -
  • Advisor: John Stepro -
  • Description: The brothers of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. are the fraternity's most valuable resource and strength. They are primary means by which the Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity objectives will be achieved. In order to accomplish the fraternity’s objectives it is essential that systems are instituted that effectively embody our motto “Culture for service, Service for humanity” and promotes our principles which are, Brotherhood, Scholarship, and Service. Membership in this organization is by invitation only. It requires an application and interview, and has a minimum GPA requirement.
  • Website:
  • Meeting Time/Place: Sundays at 3 Ferman Music Center, Room 115
  • President: Adam Hall -
  • Advisor: Ryan Hebert -
  • Description: The objective of this fraternity shall be for the development of the best and truest fraternity spirit, the mutual welfare and brotherhood of musical students, the advancement of music in America and a loyalty to the alma mater. Membership in this organization is by invitation and interview. It requires a minimum GPA.
  • Meeting Time/Place: TBA
  • President: Alex Jackson -
  • Advisor: Wayne Farel -
  • Description: The UT Photography Guild seeks to provide its members with educational and skill building opportunities in the art form that is photography. We offer a means for members to share ideas and knowledge with each other and promote an interest in photography through recognized procedures.
  • Website:
  • Meeting Time/Place: Sundays at 4:30 p.m., Lecture Hall A
  • President: Megan Wiedeman -
  • Advisor: Jacquelyn Deptula -
  • Description: The mission of Pi Beta Phi Fraternity for Women is to promote friendship, develop women of intellect and integrity, cultivate leadership potential and enrich lives through community service.
  • Meeting Time/Place: TBA
  • President: Klaus Grim -
  • Advisor: Ronda Sturgill -
  • Description: The mission of the Pre-Physician Assistant Association is to provide a means for students aspiring to be physician assistants to better achieve their goals by enhancing their education. We will best prepare students for their future career goals by use of material from up-to-date PA school information provided by PA schools in Florida as well as other states in the U.S. with accredited PA programs. The association aims to consolidate information and resources concerning physician assistant program admission requirements, application procedures and health experience opportunities; to inform members about the history and purpose of the profession; and to provide familiarity with the healthcare system. Membership in this organization is open to all UT students.
  • Website:
  • Meeting Time/Place: Wednesdays at 4 p.m. location TBA
  • President: Samantha Kautz -
  • Advisor: Shannon Calega -
  • Description: The President's Leadership Fellows at The University of Tampa are dedicated to academic excellence, in addition to the development of leadership skills. Over the course of participating in the four-year program, focus is placed on the participants developing leadership skills within self and team, as well as creating social change within the community and becoming a global leader. Membership in the President's Leadership Fellows is by application and interview prior to freshman year and has a minimum GPA requirement.
  • Website:
  • Meeting Time/Place: TBA
  • President: Chelsea Spruance -
  • Advisor: Kim Cummings -
  • Description: Psi Chi's purpose is to encourage, stimulate and maintain excellence and advancement in the science of psychology. It aims to increase awareness and attendance for all psych majors and interested UT students. Membership is by invitation, application and academic major. It requires a minimum GPA.
  • Website:
  • Meeting Time/Place: Wednesdays at 8 p.m. in Plant Hall Room 225
  • President: Kerrijo Ellis -
  • Advisor: Cynthia Gangi -
  • Description: Mission/Purpose: To educate and enrich students’ knowledge about the field of psychology To promote and participate in community service To unify students who have an interest in the field of psychology To assist students with their academics To increase students awareness of the numerous occupational opportunities in the field of psychology