A progressive and dynamic learning environment builds on the foundation of the nursing experience and the credentials that students bring to the program. The full time faculty in the department of nursing holds doctoral degrees in their field and many have specialty certification as well. The faculty join with area professionals to offer an in-depth curriculum emphasizing clinical experience, critical thinking, and leadership. UT nursing faculty focus on teaching and learning excellence.

Classes are taught by full-time faculty (not graduate assistants) who are active practitioners in the same field they teach. They help students research their interests and goals with an appreciation for individual differences. Each student is assigned a faculty advisor who monitors his or her progress throughout the program. Small classes promote active learning. A high priority is placed on the mentoring role of faculty and a low student/faculty ratio demonstrates the department's strong commitment to personal development. The faculty maintain close contact with alumni, applauding their endeavors and professional achievements.

Phone: (813) 253-6223
Fax: (813) 258-7214
Department Contacts
Associate Professor and Associate Director, Nursing
Tel: 813- 257- 3089
Mailbox: 10F
Building: NFORoom: 105
Suzanne Collins( Faculty )
Professor, Nursing
Tel: 813- 257- 3665
Mailbox: 10F
Building: NFORoom: 107
Assistant Professor, Nursing
Tel: 813- 257- 3633
Mailbox: 10F
Building: NFORoom: 104
Lisa Dorner( Staff )
Clinical Placement Coordinator/Instructor, Nursing
Tel: 813- 257- 1801
Mailbox: 10F
Building: NFORoom: 107A
Simulation Lab Coordinator/Lecturer, Nursing
Tel: 813- 257- 3295
Mailbox: 10F
Building: WHRoom: 306
Lisa Heuer( Staff )
Staff Assistant I, part time, Nursing
Tel: 813- 257- 3470
Mailbox: 10F
Building: NFORoom:
Cathy Kessenich( Faculty )
Director, Nursing
Program Director, Master of Science in Nursing
Tel: 813- 257- 3160
Mailbox: 10F
Building: NFORoom: 109
Cindy Parsons( Faculty )
Associate Professor, Nursing
Tel: 813- 257- 3961
Mailbox: 10F
Building: NFORoom: 101
Clinical Instructor / Lecturer, Instructional Staff, Nursing
Tel: 813- 257- 3844
Mailbox: 10F
Building: NFORoom: 110A
James Rice( Faculty )
Assistant Professor of Nursing
Tel: 813- 257- 3486
Mailbox: 10F
Building: NFORoom: 106
Roxene Riles( Staff )
Nursing Skills Center Coordinator / Lecturer, Nursing
Tel: 813- 257- 3294
Mailbox: 10F
Building: WHRoom: 306
Jackie Sanchez( Staff )
Staff Assistant II, Nursing
Tel: 813- 257- 3302
Mailbox: 10F
Building: NFORoom: 101A
Joanne Stevens( Faculty )
Associate Professor, Nursing
Tel: 813- 257- 3194
Mailbox: 10F
Building: NFORoom: 110
Katie Walsh( Staff )
Nursing Clinical / Lecturer, Nursing
Tel: 813- 257- 1802
Mailbox: 10F
Building: NFORoom: 103A
Michelle Williams( Faculty )
Instructor, Nursing
Tel: 813- 257- 3036
Mailbox: 10F
Building: NFORoom: 108
Michele Wolf( Faculty )
Instructor, Nursing
Tel: 813- 257- 3179
Mailbox: 10F
Building: NFORoom: 105A
Maryellen Wright( Staff )
Clinical Placement Coordinator, Nursing
Tel: 813- 257- 3049
Mailbox: 10F
Building: NFORoom: 106A