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Preparation for Natural and Health Science Courses

The academic programs in the College of Natural and Health Sciences are challenging and provide breadth and depth of knowledge you should master in the pursuit of your degree. The links below contain materials that can help you prepare for your first day of classes, before you arrive on campus.

Our faculty values intellectual curiosity and independent learning in our students. Grades are important, but students do not pursue their education solely for grades. The rewards for embracing lifelong learning and continued intellectual growth are great, for these are important values in the sciences, health care professions, and most other careers. Students are expected to think critically and independently and apply their knowledge and skills, in order to be productive and successful. You will find personal satisfaction by embracing the rewards these values afford while at UT and after you graduate and pursue post-graduate studies or begin your professional career.

Preparation for Biological Diversity and Biological Unity (BIO 203 and 204)