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Preparation for Post-Graduate Studies and Careers in the Health Professions

The University of Tampa's undergraduate program provides a strong foundation for post-graduate work in the sciences as students are immersed in their major discipline while also touching on curricula that extend beyond the sciences. Many health science classes also include service learning opportunities to apply classroom learning to service to the community.

Students pursuing degrees in pre-allied health, public health, and athletic training will receive academic advice from faculty in the Department of Health Sciences and Human Performance. This preparation can lead to further studies in athletic training, physician’s assistant and physical therapy graduate programs.

Students who intend to pursue graduate professional degrees in medicine, veterinary medicine, dentistry, podiatry, or pharmacy can major in biology, biochemistry or chemistry at UT and receive excellent preparation for the entrance exams to these programs as well as excellent preparation to succeed in these programs.

In addition, members of the Department of Chemistry, Biochemistry and Physics and the Department of Biology offer guidance to students and write recommendations through our Pre-Health Professions Committee composed of biology, chemistry, biochemistry and physics faculty. Students should contact a member of the pre-professions committee no later than the start of their junior year.

Students are encouraged to choose a major that best suits them, so they can excel at their studies to gain admission to professional schools. Students interested in pursuing a graduate professional degree in one of the aforementioned fields, while pursuing a degree outside of the College of Natural and Health Sciences, are also encouraged to contact the Pre-Health Professions Committee for guidance.

Health Related Student Organizations