Areas of Study

The University of Tampa offers instruction in the following areas of study:

At UT there are three ways to study music:
  1. As a music major  – You can attain a music degree and enjoy studying at one of the nation’s leading mid-sized urban universities. Music degrees are offered in the following areas (audition required):

  2. As a music minor – Recommended for students who wish to be involved with music and further their musical talents, but plan to major in another field of study. To potential employers, a minor in music suggests that a person has varied interests, meets personal goals (individual practice), has performance poise and is a team player. (audition required)
  3. As a participant in one of our ensembles – You may choose from a variety of instrumental and choral ensembles. All ensembles are treated as learning labs where majors and non-majors work side by side and are challenged to not just produce the right notes, but to strive to create outstanding performances with insight and understanding. Take a moment to visit the ensembles page to find out which one(s) might challenge you to greater musicianship while at The University of Tampa. Students who are in an ensemble are eligible for private instruction.