MSN Student Testimonials

Tedesco "I graduated from UT in '99 with my BSN and it has been good to continue with my MSN. There is so much history here - I love the campus."

— Donna Marie Tedesco, MSN '07
Delacrois "UT's MSN program has a great reputation in the community which allowed me to find my first job more diligently."

—Rom Delacrois, RN, MSN '07
Brown "I am very grateful for the personal attention that I get from my professors."

— Robbie Brown, RN, CCTC, CPTC, MSN '07
Rafawner "I've had a great experience attending UT. The teachers are great and the classes are very interesting and accommodating. I would and I did recommend this school!"

— Raisa Rafawner, MSN '07
Meloche "UT's family atmosphere was a huge attraction as a student who was lost in the large state university system. The faculty guidance is very helpful for growth as a professional. Faculty actively seek out opportunities to offer students the chance to grow and learn."

— Theresa Meloche, RN, MSN '08
Cornell "The University of Tampa Graduate Nursing program has allowed me to advance my nursing career while continuing to work in the profession. The program is small and close-knit, and all of my advisors have been very helpful."

— Amber Cornell, MSN '07
  "The University of Tampa Nurse Practitioner Program offers individualized attention, small classes, mentoring and networking opportunities that are valuable to you as a student as well as a professional nurse."

— April Rowell Gallo, RN, BSN, MSN '07
Pierson "I got my BSN from a large state university and really appreciate the small classes and individual attention I got at UT. I feel the staff truly cares about me and wants the best for my future career as an Adult Registered Nurse Practitioner."

— Carrie Pierson, MSN '07