Lecture Series

The Lecture Series in Mathematics meets about once a month. Its purpose is to expose students to diverse topics in pure and applied mathematics.  

Past Speakers Include

  • Dr. Gerald Junevicus, Department of Mathematics, Eckerd College, “The Inverse Laplace Transform”
  • Dr. Frederic Zerla, Mathematics Department, University of South Florida, “Occasions of Infinitesimals”
  • Dr. John Sumner, Mathematics Department, University of Tampa, “My Favorite Continued Fraction”
  • Dr. Benjamin Djulbegovic, Moffitt Cancer Center, University of South Florida Medical School, “Meta-analysis and Principles of Research Synthesis”
  • Dr. Dmitry Khavinson, Mathematics Department, University of South Florida, “From the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra to Astrophysics: a `Harmonious’ Journey”

For more information, contact Angela Angeleska, assistant professor, at (813) 257-3332 or aangeleska@ut.edu.