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Language Media Library

The Language Learning Center houses a media library of audio, video, text and CD-ROM materials for American Sign Language, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish that are available to students and instructors. However, students may not remove books and video materials from the Language Learning Center.

Students may access the digitized audio resources that accompany their textbooks and workbooks using the Sanako Media Assistant Duo player installed on all student computers or canĀ use a thumb drive to make a personal copy of the audio materials.

Our growing library of DVDs and VHS tapes is also available for class or individual viewing on one of two plasma TVs and/or ceiling mounted projectors available in the Language Lab and Seminar Room areas. Instructors interested in showing movies from the collection in a classroom space other than the Language Learning Center should see the lab assistant on duty or the lab coordinator for more information on how to check out materials. DVDs and videos may not be copied.