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Top Ten Tips for Finding Internships

  1. Meet with the Office of Career Services and your department’s internship coordinator to get started. Attend an Internship Prep Workshop — see HIRE-UT for full schedule.
  2. Set your goals. Begin with self-assessment and inventory your skills, values, personality and interests. Determine industry or career field, geographic location, learning objectives, timing, etc.
  3. Begin research of various internship possibilities. Conduct follow-up meetings with Career Services staff and your faculty internship coordinator to become aware of resources. HIRE-UT posts internships for all majors! Network, network, network, network!
  4. Consider your options. Put them in writing. Research them. Be sure to note deadlines.
  5. Create your resume and draft cover letter using Optimal Job Search Tools. Meet with Career Services staff to assist you.
  6. Begin the application process for the internships you have targeted.
  7. Follow up on your applications. Remember, searching for an internship is much like searching for a full-time job.  
  8. Perfect your interviewing skills. Practice interviews by scheduling a “mock” interview with Career Services or by utilizing Optimal Job Search Tools. Be certain to wear your professional interviewing attire.
  9. After interviewing, ALWAYS follow up with a thank you note to the recruiter within 24 hours.
  10. Upon receipt of an offer for an internship, meet with your Internship Coordinator to be certain that the experience fulfills the necessary requirements for a credit-bearing experience.