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 Hannah Webster'14, Faris Galambo '13, Maxx Ramirez '14, Cathleen Bruner '13
Hannah Webster ’14, a biology major with a pre-medicine concentration, always wanted to be a doctor but wasn’t sure if she’d be the type to faint in an operating room.

As one of six UT students participating in a summer internship program with UT and the Tampa General Hospital Medical Group, she has proven not to be — she witnessed a kidney transplant and liver resection all without hitting the floor.

This boost of confidence is part of the intended outcome of the summer clinical research internship. The three-month intensive program allows the students to shadow doctors in the operating room, in outpatient clinics and on rounds, perform statistical analysis, and write and submit abstracts and manuscripts for publication.

“This program is about giving somebody an opportunity to really have a stand out chance of getting into medical school,” said Macnish Christian ’11, Tampa General’s clinical research data coordinator in the Center for Outpatient Research Excellence (CORE).

For Wayne Price, a UT Dana professor of biology, the opportunity was exceptional.

“It is difficult to arrange even shadowing experiences for undergraduates at hospitals much less a summer program involving shadowing and clinical research with the possibility of resulting publications,” said Price. “This program will give our students an advantage when applying to medical schools as well as expand their view of the medical field and the various professions in it.”  

Paul Braga '14
For many graphic design or communication majors, working at a national magazine is but a dream. For Paul Braga ’14, it’s another day at the office.

Braga started interning at People magazine last summer and returned to New York City for a second summer. As a creative design intern in the magazine’s advertising department, Braga helps facilitate advertisements by meeting with potential clients, works on branding for giveaway packages such as those included in last year’s "Sexiest Man Alive" issue, and composes in-office PowerPoint presentations.

“I definitely learned a lot in my UT classes when it comes to the design aspect of things and typography,” said Braga, “but I learned a lot last summer that is hard to get from just sitting in a classroom. You can’t replicate that real-world experience.”

 Abraham Rahmanizadeh '13
AbrahamRahmanizadeh_BARCLAYS Abraham Rahmanizadeh ’13 spent his summer working 16-hour days in Manhattan in Barclays investment banking group. It’s intense work but definitely worth it.

The road to Wall Street didn’t start this summer. Rahmanizadeh, a finance and accounting double major, began his journey last year. He was interning for Raymond James in Tampa where he heard a guest speaker. Following up with her after the presentation, she suggested with his interest in investment banking that he should consider applying to the Sponsors for Educational Opportunity (SEO), which, according to its website, “provides superior educational and career programs to young people from under-served communities to maximize their opportunities for college and career success.”

Rigorous would be an understated way to describe the application process. In addition to the multiple interviews, he attended a 15-person workshop where Rahmanizadeh met executives from firms like Pantheon and CCMP Capital who provided feedback on case studies Rahmanizadeh analyzed his way through. In the spring, he studied online modules to pass all 14 preparation tests for SEO. His first two weeks in New York this summer included additional training.

When he was offered a spot in the investment banking group at Barclays, he knew it was his offer to lose. The paid internship with housing at the nearby School of Visual Arts in Manhattan was a dream come true.

“I found something I love to do,” said Rahmanizadeh, who was later offered a full-time job from Barclays. “I have realized how far I can push myself and the distance I am willing to go to accomplish my goals.”