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Can I get academic credit for the internship?
Yes, the internship can be completed for academic credit. Both the internship and the student must meet academic requirements set forth by your academic department. This includes completion of all related paperwork by the student.
When can I complete an internship?
While requirements vary by department, most majors require a student to be at least junior standing status. Check with the department of your major for more details.
Will the internship be paid?
This depends. Many internships are paid but this is ultimately up to the employer to determine the job duties and payment options. 
Is the internship like a job?
The internship is similar to a job in that you, the student, will be required to show up to work on time, complete your job tasks, dress professionally, and meet expectations of your employer.  However, since you are potentially receiving academic credit for the experience there are often academic assignments that accompany the typical job duties which can include faculty-student meetings, papers, projects and evaluations.
Can I only do an internship in the summer?
Internships can be completed each semester: Fall, Spring and Summer. Check with your academic department for any specific requirements for your major.
I do not know exactly what industry area I want to intern in, what do I do?
Still consider completing an internship. It may be best to meet with the Office of Career Services to help you narrow down your options to help make the internship search more manageable. An internship is one of the best ways to “reality test” an industry or career field to see if it is a good fit for your goals and values.