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Thank you for your interest in participating in the internship program at The University of Tampa. 
Please take a moment to review the Employer Internship Guide.

At UT, all internships must be approved for academic credit before they are listed on the HIRE-UT system for students to search. Students will then apply directly with your company, and you will decide which candidate best suits your organization’s needs. Students will work over the course of the semester based on the amount of credits for which they register. Internships at The University of Tampa are not a required part of the curriculum for all majors. Therefore, not all available positions posted on the HIRE-UT site are always filled.
Internship Approval Process:

  1. Employers complete the Internship Request Form (IRF). Please complete one form for each unique internship that you would like to post to HIRE-UT. Provide as much detail as you can when completing this form to facilitate a timely approval. Internships can only be posted if the host site provides verification of liability insurance to cover the interns and compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).
  2. Once the completed IRF is received, this form will be forwarded to the appropriate faculty members to request credit approval and to increase the visibility of your internship opportunity.
  3. Academic credit is available for all approved internships. By posting your internship with us, you are agreeing to fulfill all credit requirements (such as completing student performance evaluations and verifying time sheets).
  4. After credit approval, the internship will be posted to HIRE-UT. Students are not placed in internships; they must search HIRE-UT to find opportunities. 

Questions? Contact the Office of Career Services at or (813) 253-6236.

Employer Internship Packet

Employer Internship Guide
Fair Labor Standards Act – Internship Programs
Internship Request Form
Sample Completed Internship Request Form