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International and Cultural Studies Major

For Undergraduates Interested in World Affairs

The forces of globalization impact virtually every community on this planet.

Today's world is one of exciting opportunities and challenges. Whether your future plans call for you to be actively engaged beyond your home country's borders or simply to be a participant in your local community, you must have the necessary global skills, knowledge and attitudes to function effectively in this newly globalized world.

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To meet these challenges, UT offers the international and cultural studies (ICS) major.

STEP ONE: Declare the international and cultural studies major.

To select the ICS major, students must visit UT's Academic Advising Office in North Walker Hall.

STEP TWO: Build your international and cultural foundation by completing requirements in the following four domains:

International and Cultural Studies Core Courses (23 credits)

HIS 103 World History 1500 to present
GWA 201 World Affairs
COM 401 Intercultural Communication
REL 205 World Religions
ENG 312 Contemporary World Literature
IST 470 Senior Research Seminar in International Studies

Global Knowledge Courses (20 credits)

To better understand the world, students are instructed to complete a wide-array of global knowledge courses. 

Foreign Language Requirement

Students must demonstrate proficiency in a foreign language by passing an examination or by completing the Intermediate II course in the language with a grade of "C" or better. 

Education Abroad Experience

Students may choose to:

  • Study abroad for a summer, semester or year*
  • Enroll in a UT Travel Course
  • Complete an internship abroad
  • Fulfill community-based service learning abroad

At least one education abroad experience for academic credit is required and must be approved by the International Programs Office. For more information, view the Education Abroad page or visit the International Programs Office in Plant Hall, Room 300.

STEP THREE: Show the world what international competency can achieve.

Upon completion of these requirements, undergraduate ICS majors will earn a Bachelors of Arts in International and Cultural Studies