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Hoyt L. (“H.L.”) Prindle III

MBA with Management concentration '10

Hometown: Tallahassee, FL
Previous education: Florida State University, bachelor’s in political science with a minor in psychology ‘07
With the country in a state of economic crisis and after several “bubbles” had burst, it was abundantly clear that this country was in need of great leadership. I have always had a strong desire to be a leader, but it was during this crisis that I was convinced more than ever, that the time was now to enhance my business leadership education. What better time to learn about what decisions really affect businesses than in a time of economic turmoil. After making the decision to further enhance my education and skills by getting my MBA, I wanted to find a school that was diverse enough, yet specialized enough to ensure that my capabilities and learning experiences were maximized. At UT, I found everything I was looking for. Its location, sterling academic reputation and the ability to specialize in management were everything that I wanted from my MBA school experience.
The experience I have had at UT has surpassed my expectations. From the moment I stepped on campus, I was impressed with the diversity at UT. We have students from countries and continents all over the world, each of who bring a unique cultural perspective to the business world. In a business world that is becoming more and more globalized by the day, this diversity is an essential component of the learning experience.
UT has also allowed me to do things that enhance my leadership abilities on multiple levels. Last summer, I traveled with the University on a study abroad program to Brazil. It was amazing to see and interact with business leaders at companies such as Ford, Vale and Embraer.
The school has also allowed me to stay involved in the community. Currently I am involved with UT-GOLD, the graduate student organization. I also am the secretary of the Tampa Bay Seminole Club, FSU’s alumni association arm for the Tampa Bay area.
After graduating from UT, I want to pursue a career in management in the financial services or insurance industries. My ultimate goal is to work my way up the company ladder to become a chief executive officer. I am more than convinced that thanks to my experiences at the University of Tampa, I will be able to achieve that goal.