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MBA '10

Home Country: China

After I finished my bachelor’s degree in China, I realized that a successful business professional should have more of a global perspective. Thus, I made my decision to continue my business education on a graduate level in America. I chose UT’s MBA program because the faculty-to-student ratio here is 1:15. The small class size allows me to have a more personal relationship with my professors.
Students in the MBA program are from the U.S. and all over the world. During the class projects and discussions, the variety of global perspectives adds to the total learning experience.
Last semester, my roommate was a student from Bolivia. It gave me the opportunity to meet someone from South America and to learn about his country.
The University has an overall concern about students’ academics and life. Both the teaching and residence policies are designed for the students’ benefit. All the faculty, staff and advisors at UT have a similar characteristic – they are willing to help every student. The International Programs Office helps students adjust to life in the U.S. and with academic schedules.
The campus bookstore at UT is very convenient. They provide both new and used books to students, and will buy back books after each semester. What I have enjoyed is that there are lots of different food venue choices in several campus locations. I enjoyed every meal while living on campus.
Studying in the United States gives you the opportunity to learn not only from your professors, but also from your classmates who come from the U.S. and all over the world