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MBA and M.S. in Marketing '10

Hometown: Leesburg, FL

Previous education: University of Tampa, bachelor’s in marketing ‘08

Current employment: Front end supervisor for Target Corporation; brand service intern for Walker Brands; graduate assistant for UT’s Office of Graduate and Continuing Studies

Upon graduation at UT I stood at a crossroads with a job offer in one hand and a scholarship opportunity to continue at UT in the other. After much debate I realized that I wasn’t done learning. I enjoyed my undergraduate experience and the quality of education that I received and so felt it was the right decision to continue on. UT offered me a graduate assistantship, which helps offset tuition costs. I was also drawn to the dual degree program. While marketing is my passion, I wanted the additional exposure to other areas of business through the MBA. The dual degree program enables me to complete one graduate degree for 24 credit hours after the completion of another graduate degree.
UT’s atmosphere consists of a small community in a big city. The College of Business is a family full of knowledge. I have had the opportunity to get know my professors and peers on a personal basis. This is an invaluable part of the experience. While completing my Buyer Behavior course with Dr. Ronald Kuntze, I had the opportunity to visit a local branding firm. During that visit I further realized my passion for branding and pursued an internship with that firm. Out of class, practical application is a cornerstone of the graduate program. I have been exposed to more than just concepts. I have applied these concepts to real life situations through working with different businesses, on case analysis and in simulated environments.
After graduation I am planning on receiving the PCM certification. The courses in the marketing program have provided the necessary background, but it will still require studying on my behalf. I feel this certification is one way for me to further differentiate myself from others in the marketplace.

After graduation I would like to work in brand management for a corporation or medium-sized business.