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MBA with Management Information Systems concentration '10
Hometown: Bryansk, Russia

Previous education: Bryansk State Technical University, bachelor’s in management of organization ‘02

Work history: Senior Manager, Expostroy Ltd., Bryansk, Russia, from April to October 2007

While visiting the U.S. for the first time in 2005 during a work and travel program, I had the chance to work and explore the American culture. It was then when I made a decision to pursue an MBA degree in an American institution as I knew it would provide me with skills and tools to succeed in my career. After I graduated from college in Russia in 2007, I moved to Boston, MA, to attend an international language school that offered a Pre-MBA course which prepared students specifically for applying to business schools. As soon as I visited the UT campus, I knew it would be the place for me to pursue my MBA. UT provided everything I was interested in: strong curriculum, knowledgeable faculty, prestigious image and beautiful campus.

My experience at UT has exceeded my expectations, and I definitely got a great return on my investment. The diversity of students at UT allowed me to expand my knowledge of different cultures giving me an opportunity to look at things from various perspectives. Flexible but challenging curriculum allowed me to create a schedule that fit my lifestyle. I enjoyed studying in small classes that gave me personal attention from professors who had time to help me with any additional questions or problems outside of class time. UT computer labs and classrooms equipped with everything I needed allowed me to acquire advanced computer skills. Finally, the way the courses are organized required a lot of group work, which helped me to improve my teamwork skills.

I belong to the University of Tampa’s Graduate Organization of Leadership and Development (UT-GOLD). UT-GOLD strives to enrich students’ experience by planning and organizing numerous extracurricular and career-oriented events and activities. As a vice president of social networking, I have worked closely with other UT-GOLD officers and gained experience in growing an organization.

After graduation, I plan to pursue a career in the management of information systems field. My short-term goal is to gain as much experience as possible in that area and then eventually start my own business, most likely in some niche area in the information technology field.