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Sexual Risk, Substance Abuse and Undiagnosed Seropositivity among Men Who Have Sex with Men and Women in Miami, Florida

David W. Forrest, Ph.D., Gabriel Cardenas, MPH, Lisa R. Metsch, Ph.D., Charlene S. Dodson, MPH, Marlene LaLota, MPH
Florida Public Health Review 2015,12, 1-12

Evaluating Inpatient Asthma Management Practices in Florida Hospitals 
Alexandra C.H. Nowakowski, Ph.D., MPH, Henry J. Carreta, Ph.D., MPH, Julie K. Dudley, B.A., Jamie R. Forrest, M.S., Abbey N. Folsom, M.S.
Florida Public Health Review 2015,12, 13-22


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