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Workplace Harassment and Attitudes towards LGBT People across Human Service Occupations in South Florida 
Daniel Sheridan, M.S.Ed., Joseph Zolobczuk, M.S.Ed., Kiet Huynh, M.A., Debbiesiu L. Lee, Ph.D.
Florida Public Health Review 2017,14, 1-12

Community Planning for HIV/AIDS Health Services System Transformation 
Graham F. Watts, Sr., Ph.D., Deidre Kelley, MA, Cindy Watson, B.A.
Florida Public Health Review 2017,14, 13-21

Prescribing Medications for Chronic Pain Management: The State of Education in Florida Medical Schools and Residency Programs 
Wyndham A. Bonett, B.S., Katherine Perdomo, MPH, CHES, Suzanne C. Baker, M.A., Marshall B. Kapp, J.D., MPH
Florida Public Health Review 2017,14, 22-32

Preparing for Florida’s Older Adult Population Growth with User-friendly Demographic Maps 
Kathryn Hyer, Ph.D, MPP, George MacDonald, Ph.D., Kathy Black, Ph.D., Adrian N.S. Badana, MPH, CPH; Scott Patrick Murphy, Ph.D., William E. Haley, Ph.D.
Florida Public Health Review 2017,14, 33-44

Documenting Support for Ongoing and Improved Efforts in Sexuality Education 
Elissa M. Barr, Ph.D., Michele J. Moore, Ph.D, Kristina Wilson, Ph.D., Tiffany L. Parisi, M.A., Heather M. McCann, MPH, CPH, MCHES
Florida Public Health Review 2017,14, 45-55

A Community-University Partnership to Improve Access to Fresh Produce among Homebound Seniors 
Lauri Wright, Ph.D., RDN, Lina Bracht, MPH, Lauren M. Vance, MPH, Cindy Vann, B.S., James B. Epps, Ph.D.
Florida Public Health Review 2017,14, 56-59

A Tricky One: Barriers to Non Opioid Pain Management in University Healthcare
Alexandra Nowakowski, PhD, MPH, Kaitlyn E. Barningham, MPH, Charlyn D. Buford, MPH, Martin Laguerre, MPH, J.E. Sumerau, PhD
Florida Public Health Review 2017,14, 60-66

*The opinions expressed by authors of articles and letter Alexandra C.H. Nowakowski, PhD, MPH; Kaitlyn E. Barningham, MPH; Charlyn D. Buford, MPH; Martin Laguerre, MPH; J.E. Sumerau, Ph.D. published in the Florida Public Health Review are not necessarily those of the Florida Public Health Association or The University of Tampa.