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Environmental Health Program Performance and its Relationship with Environment-Related Disease in Florida  
Justin A. Gerding, DHA, REHS, Nailya O. DeLellis, PhD, Antonio J. Neri, MD,Timothy A. Dignam, PhD
Florida Public Health Review 2018,15, 1-12

Work-related and Non-work-related Lead Poisoning among Adults in Florida 
Babajide Sadiq, MPH, DrPH
Florida Public Health Review 2018,15, 13-24

Incidences of School-based Anti-gay and Gender-related Bullying: Differences across Levels of Education 
Evan McEwing, DNP, APHN-BC, RN, CCRP, RQAP-GCP, Joseph M. Zolobczuk, MSEd, Kiet D. Huynh, M.A.,
Ariel A. Gonzalez, B.S., Debbiesiu L. Lee, Ph.D.
Florida Public Health Review 2018,15, 25-35

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