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Executive MBA Global Focus


Organizational leaders need to think globally. The UT EMBA curriculum is global in focus and tightly connected to an overseas immersion study component. This project moves students well beyond the classroom environment and allows them to roll up their sleeves and actively engage with client organizations overseas to answer business challenges in real-time. Students directly apply what they learn in class in an international setting.


  • Your EMBA cohort selects which country to visit in the first year of studies.
  • Cost of airfare and accommodations for the 10-day trip is included in the fees.
  • Trip ends with a presentation for host country firms, which are looking to UT EMBA students to help them improve their competitive position.


Recent cohorts have studied in Asia, South America and Europe. Some of the countries visited include China, Germany and Argentina. While abroad, you will participate in meetings and in-depth discussions with leaders of industry, financial institutions and government organizations.

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