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Eric Freundt


Eric Freundt

Meet Eric Freundt

Director, Office of Undergraduate Research and Inquiry

Education: 2003 Middle Tennessee State University, B.S.
2008 Oxford University, Ph.D.
2011 Stanford University, Postdoctoral fellow

Courses Taught: Microbiology for Allied Health
Biological Unity
Senior Seminar

Career Specialties: Eric Freundt specializes in virus-host interactions and viral pathogenesis.

Professional and Community Activities: Eric Freundt studies how viruses and other pathogens interact with cellular pathways during infection.His past research has focused on the SARS–coronavirus, Thelier’s murine encephalomyelitis virus and misfolded alpha-synuclein.

Freundt is a member of the American Society for Microbiology, American Society for Virology and the Council on Undergraduate Research.